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  United States
  • brielivingston

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brielivingston vídeos

 - sissy dance
  •   930
  •  07/01/18
  •  100%
 - ***** girl
  •   1K
  •  15/03/17
  •  59%
 - girlie clothes
  •   1K
  •  17/01/17
  •  69%
 - sissy socks
  •   1K
  •  18/12/16
  •  90%
 - dolly
  •   2K
  •  15/03/16
  •  84%
 - prom shoes
  •   2K
  •  22/02/16
  •  65%

brielivingston fotos

  •   855
  •  07/05/09
  •  100%
  •   1K
  •  31/08/08
  •  100%
  •   973
  •  05/08/08
  •  100%
  •   3K
  •  05/08/08
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brielivingston blogs

No hay entradas.
quinnt36373 said:
Hello. How are you? I need a friend, open link:
letitrain said:
How now?
letitrain said:
It's me-just thought I'd try to meat you for pleasure.You
may remember I'm in Livingston and would like to....coffee and?
letitrain said:
Hi:How about red lipstick and rouge for another video?
letitrain said:
I would happy to please you.drop me a line.It's raining outdoors
letitrain said:
Oh my but you are talented-Livingst fan.
drainutu said:
I live in Livingston.Prehaps this could mean something ?
brielivingston said:
name: brie (existing on the fringe of what remains of the
underground) shoe size: 8 1/2 (USA measurement) dress size: 14
(can't really fit into a size 12 anymore) favorite TV shows:
"Laverne and Shirley" , and "patty
duke" favorite movies: "whatever happened to Peggy
sue", and "little girl who lived down the
lane" favorite literature: "*****" by validmir
nabokov, and "valley of the dolls" by Jacqueline
Susan likes: simple things really dislikes: people who are easily
bored by me birthplace: Los Angeles, California *
knitting * traveling: ususually take one trip to
northen californai, and one to southern california each year. never
been to some of those continents, where i have admirers! *
watching television * helping with the dishes
* listening to music, while traveling on the road in my
mercury tracer, with coffee in the drink holder, auto-reverse,
overdrive, munching on a zone bar, and a supply of penguin's
caffinated peppermints. * going out on a date *
dressing up in girlie clothes and costumes -- i can squeeze into
a women's "one size" anyday!
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