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  United States
  • em6224

  • Ocupación: Professional
  • Intereses: Sex of course, yuvu chat
  • Sexo: Mujer
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 1959
  • Grupo étnico: Blanco
  • Estado civil: Relación monógama
  • Sexualidad: Bi
  • Tabaco: No
  • Altura: 170 cm 5 ft 7 in
  • Complexión: Degalda
  • Detalles sexuales: Pequeno
  • Formación: Licenciado o Superior
  • Nacionalidad: United States
  • País de residencia: United States
  • Estado, provincia o región:
  • Municipio:
  • Se ha añadido una cita: 2008-07-05
  • Última visita: Para ver esta información, debes haberte suscrito antes.
  • Disponible para encontrarnos: No


LOVE HAVING TRIBUTES POSTED ON YUVU!!! I'm on chat as often as i can be!

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HAZARDS OF WAXING (from a friend)
waxing fiasco - from a friend
I sent this to my cyber girlies last nite ,
not been a good evening so far, I tryed the *Sally Hansen* all over hot wax remover , and she should have her ass kicked !!! or worse , this shit is all over me and I cant get it off !!! I tried a nice long strip from above my bellybutton to the base of my *used to be prettypeter* , and when I held the skin taught like the instructions said and jerked up on the strip ,I almost shit my( no) pants, !!!! That hurt worse than anything I ever tryed in all my years !!! and believe me I done some stupid shit !!! so some of the hair and some of the wax came off , but not all , How do you get the rest of this bullshit off ???I tried the little bottle of soothing whatever lotion and it didnt take the residue that is left off, tryed some sanitary hand cleaner , nope, dont work , I even tryed Hopps # 9 shotgun cleaning solution and it wont cut the damm wax and now evry time I bend over my dick sticks to my belly , and then it hurts to pull it back off , I look like a damm skunk with a white stripe up my belly from the base of my cock and now the skin has turned all red and looks like a damm strawberry and I have the stuff on my fingers and if I touch anywhere it just sticks to it. You women can have this stuff , I have a new found respect for what a women does to keep herself smooth, she's tougher than she looks I'll say ,
So call me a chicken !!! Fuk, yes I am!!!! , I wont be doing anymore waxing , never...... ever .....again , so hope you and _ _ _ _ _ understand , but Ill leave the waxing to someone else , oh, if we ever cam, dont look at my cock, its not prettypeter any more , its hedious with the hair strip missing ................ I dont know why I ever wanted to investgate this waxing stuff , other than next week is my birthday and I wanted to surprise my babe with a new me , I just called her to ask her advice on getting the rest of the wax residue off , and she told me I was fucked till it rubs off, or the natural skin oils kick in to remove it ............... I'm a patch work tonite , I dont know what to do ......................
BenMN said:
Hello I am new to this site and looking for someone to chat with,
learn the ropes so to speak. Add me as my first friend on Yuvu Ben
in MN
gazzer123 said:
Lovin It x
willowk88552 said:
Hi, add Margaret00 to your friends on:
mrfun166 said:
You are still super yummy Em
BeautifulMay said:
So beautiful and hot videos!!!
maraplesure said:
I loved your videos, watch my videos and photos too
cd_slut said:
thank You for accepting the friend request, beautiful woman
arnty2012 said:
Stunning sexy, would love to see more of you!!
wwlesegheww said:
baldy1960 said:
Beautiful lady. Thanks for the vids. ets
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