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  United Kingdom
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  • Ocupación:
  • Intereses: Exploration - Pushing boundaries
  • Sexo: Pareja heterosexual
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 1966
  • Grupo étnico: Blanco
  • Estado civil: Relación monógama
  • Sexualidad: Hetero
  • Tabaco: No
  • Altura:
  • Complexión: Degalda
  • Detalles sexuales: Medio
  • Formación: Escuela
  • Nacionalidad: United Kingdom
  • País de residencia: United Kingdom
  • Estado, provincia o región:
  • Municipio:
  • Se ha añadido una cita: 2017-03-15
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We are an older UK couple, both now over 50 years old, who have a fantasy. We like to talk about meeting a guy or guys to fuck me while my man watches. We are at the stage where we talk about this a lot but we are just considering for now.

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Things get exciting in York

 The young guy had been a nervous wreck. His hand shook as he handed me a glass of wine. He blushed again as he stuttered a compliment that sounded like "You're sexy". I asked him if he'd experience sex with an older woman and he shook his head. I asked him if he'd like to and he nodded.

I excused myself while I discreetly checked my list given to me by my husband;

1 - Talked to a man 

2 - Touched a man

3 - Talked about sex with a man 

I sent him a text;

3 x

I faced the young lad at the bar and caught him staring at my tits. I smiled at him as he looked away. He was so shy!

What happened next took me by surprise as a hand touched my shoulder and encouraged me to turn around. I turned to face a good looking black guy with a confident grin revealing pearly, white teeth. "You'll eat him alive. Drink up and come with me." My mind went into overdrive, I looked at the nervous youth who was just looking down at his shoelaces. I looked at the experienced, confident guy who smiled at me wickedly.

I lifted the wine glass to my mouth and drained it, popped it on the bar and said to the guy, "Come on then. I'm all yours."

What happened in the bar in York

 Finally... an update!

So I had gone into the nearest bar to our hotel. I was alone. I was dressed in a white blouse which showed my cleavage to the maximum, a black skirt which was as short as I dared to wear and black patent leather high heels with black stockings finished the slutty look off.

I looked around to see a group of middle aged men watching football on tv and four young guys playing pool and sipping bottled beers. I sat at the bar with crossed legs and checked out the male talent. 

After just a few minutes I was aware that a young lad at the pool table was checking me out. His eyes had hardly drifted from my body since I'd sat down. I walked towards him with a smile on my face, brushed past him and sat at a table just a few yards from him.

It was his turn to take a shot at pool. He lined up the ball and I was sat directly in his vision. I rubbed my leg gently with my hand and watched his face go pink. He played his shot and was walking past me when I stroked his arm. As he looked at me I said "Hi". He half smiled and nervously said "Hello". 

He looked at my empty glass and asked if he could buy me a drink. "That is so sweet of you", I said "I'll meet you at the bar in a minute". 

I discreetly checked my husband's codes that he had asked me to communicate with.

1 - Talked to a man

2 - Touched a man 

3 - Talked about sex with a man

4 - Kissed a man

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy 

I sent my husband a text;

1 x

I sent him another

2 x

I thought about how hard my guy would be right now and got up to try to achieve 3 to 6

More plans revealed

 Before we left for the hotel my guy revealed more of his plans for me. He would lay on the bed and watch as I got ready. He would watch me apply my make up and attend to my hair. I know how turned on he gets watching me put on my underwear and stockings. The high heels would go on last.

So this was the plan; I would leave the hotel alone and go into a bar. There should be plenty of male talent as there was a football match on the television. If there wasn't anyone suitable I'd move to the next bar and then the next until I found a guy I wanted. 

I would tell the stranger that I was out alone because my partner was dealing with a problem involving his son. I would tell him which hotel I was in and also say that I could possibly be alone all night. The final thing I had to do was to get the guy to be in the hotel bar at 10pm to check if I was alone or not.

I would communicate with my man by text only and just send him a number each time. The number would tell him my progress as follows;

1 - Talked to a man

2 - Touched a man

3 - Talked about sex with a man

4 - Kissed a man

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy

I could not wait. I was so horny!

An update on our upcoming visit to York

 My man is downstairs making coffee and I am laid in bed feeling very excited. He finished work late last night. At intervals throughout the day he had messaged me regarding our overnight stay in York.

It started with a packing list;

Black Stockings 

Skin coloured stay up stockings 



Black lace panties 

Short dress

Mini skirt



He then explained that I had to dress with "easy access" in mind and told me he would reveal why this was necessary in his next messages. 

Later on he started to tell me his plans. 

3pm - check in at the hotel and he would lay on the bed watching me get ready. I am to wear thick black mascara, plenty of blue or green eyeshadow and lipstick of my choice. My hair is to be straightened. I am to choose a bra and thong. I can either wear a skirt and top or dress but whatever the choice is I have to go short. My heels will be high. 

He told me more was to follow and teased me further by sending me this;


Our planned trip to York

 The weekend starts soon and I can't wait! My man has been working away and is taking me to a hotel in York on Sunday. You may remember our last visit to a hotel when he stayed in the room and I went to a nearby bar on my own to try to chat up a stranger. Unfortunately there was a lack of talent and nothing to tempt me. The anticipation of finding a guy did give me a buzz and I was wet through by the time I wrapped my legs around my guy and we fucked.

This time could well be different as my fella has told me that "we'll leave less to chance". He has promised to text me with more details and I'm already tingling with excitement!

I'd like to thank all the yuvutu members that have commented on our posts and sent messages asking to meet us so they can fuck me. For now we are enjoying the thrill of the chase. It not knowing what will happen that is part of the fun - I think I'd find it difficult to turn down the right guy if the chance came along.

Look out for us in York on Sunday. It could be you....

Further updates to follow when my guy starts to reveal his plans to me.

Annmarie x

Annmarie is looking for a fuck

I am currently in a hotel room on my own. I have set a challenge for Annmarie who has just gone into the busy bar next door. I have given her 30 minutes to chat up a random  man. She looks amazing in her short dress, skin coloured stockings and high heeled boots.

She feels confident and has shown no sign of nerves. I am excited at the prospect of seeing her with another guy. How will I react? I am much more nervous than her!

I will keep you all updated.

Mr UK 


alichino said:
Thx for comment my pics.... fantastic couple
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nice photos and videos, I like them!!!
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wonderfully sexy video, your so lucky to enjoy delicious sex with her
so a stunner, more vids please thanks for sharing...WE ADDED A FEW
jmc854329 said:
Hi guys - thanks for the invite. Just love Annmarie's tits -
would love to squirt over them lol Johnny xxx
welshdave said:
Thanks for the vid comment.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you for all the wonderful comments you give to my
wwlesegheww said:
hello, you have not written for more than a month. I miss your sexy
stories !!!
jamesandkim said:
Thank you for viewing and commenting on the photos. We like what you
are posting too. Sounds like we are at a similar stage in life.
wwlesegheww said:
we men masturbating, we want a new video of Annmarie !!! PLEASE !!!
wwlesegheww said:
Annmarie is an incredible woman. Always thank everyone for the
comments we make them, but we are the ones who have to thank her every
time she shows us her erotic beauty !!!
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