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  • zyne

  • Ocupación:
  • Intereses: Watcher !
  • Sexo: Hombre
  • Fecha de nacimiento:
  • Grupo étnico: Blanco
  • Estado civil: Relación ocasional
  • Sexualidad: Hetero
  • Tabaco: A veces
  • Altura:
  • Complexión: Degalda


Like to watch, like to have sex too. Happy to view your post or videos you may email me. Happy to share about sex experiences (hetero), dreams, fantasy.. Often, Happy sex means happy life..

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 - Mature are best sex friends
  •   7K
  •  01/03/17
  •  68%
 - Homemade sex times
  •   9K
  •  28/02/17
  •  73%
 - Moaning Very hot moment
  •   8K
  •  28/02/17
  •  61%
 - For ever in my memory... Intense sex
  •   7K
  •  24/01/17
  •  73%
 - Wife on hidden cam
  •   18K
  •  13/01/17
  •  79%
 - Active friends.. she's so hot
  •   8K
  •  07/12/16
  •  79%

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One of my favorite video soon


This leaked video is from Turkey. I like so much ho this girl make love.

Sometimes, I dream to be this man with that woman...

Please let me know, please comment.


Please comments

 Hi all,

Just posted a couple of new videos. some are very hot and nice.

I love to watch people making love and making it too.. softly with sexy ladies


Posts coming :-)


Hope you enjoyed first post. New are coming soon.

But, two uploads per day seem to be a max. We all have to be patients... not my style. Anyay, keep on commenting.


One addiction, actually 2: women and voyeur sex..


After years watching here and there, I have decided to post some of my best and favorite videos.

I like only REAL amateur sex and real voyeur too (or only one camera not moving around). I prefer not to see everything rather than to realize 2 sec or 1 mn after that it is a fake porno, or amateur acting like pornstar.

I hope you'll enjoy and we can share some good (or not) experiences.

I am still wondering if voyeurism is only a men thing or not.. I don't think so. Let me know.


northernenglandcouple said:
Thanks so much for your Kind words about our photos and videos...
encourages us to continue to make more!!! We do appreciate you making
time to tell us an gives us motivation...Love Carol
federicoba61 said:
zyne said:
Thanks, will do.
dec010974 said:
I like your channel. Please continue to post vids. Thank you for
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